How To Buy An Expensive Car For Cheap? | A Complete Financial Guide

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Here's exactly how to buy an expensive car for cheap + tips to avoid losing money when financing a car. Over the past 4 years, I have traded up from a 1995 M3 (My first car) to a 2014 Audi S5 for the cost of a monthly payment - VERY small down payments...IF ANY. I typically switch cars 1-2 times a year and break down my process for not losing money on depreciation, or the loan itself.

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What credit score do you need? 0:25
What income you need? 0:55
What type of car should I be buying? 2:45
How to budget for a car? 3:00
Where to get the financing? 3:55
What year car should you purchase? 5:04
What brand of car should I get? 5:45
Should you buy the Carfax? 6:47
How many miles should I buy with? 7:45
Being an to sell the car without going broke? 9:05

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