Lesbian Movie: Church Hurt: Part 1

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Lesbian Movie featuring a cast of queer women of color

"Is God's Love Really for Everyone? What happens when the place that is suppose to welcome you rejects you? What happens when you have nowhere else to turn but the one place you refuse to?" Church Hurt is a Love Story... Love of family, Love of self, and most of all love of God...

I am so excited about this film. Words cannot adequately express how proud I am. Please take a moment to check out part 1 of Church Hurt the movie.

Michelle Foster: Jasmine McDowell
Desiree Foster: Selena Gabrielle
Casey Foster: Caroline Baggerly
Donovan Foster: Jerald Savage
Jamie Carson: Onyx Keesha
Cynthia Carson: Katina Driver
Pastor Starks: Melvin Myles
Warren: Lamarr E. Lewis
Church Ladies:
Brandi Moore
Santressia Elaine
Maranda Clark
Dre: Dred Carpenter
Toni: Mikel Sullivan
Jax: Nico Hill
Tasha: Kendra "Beautifull" Witherspoon

Noble Julz Hamilton
Denise Mccalpine
Anaya Mccalpine
D'arien Mccalpine
Sadiqua Sonny Scarlett
Ariel Fields
Tiffany Kylie
Faurice Harley
Diamond Bailey
Tamika Shannon

Story by: Onyx Keesha
Written by: Mikel Sullivan , Kendra "Beautifull" Witherspoon
Producer: Onyx Keesha
Associate Producer: Noble Julz Hamilton
Director: Onyx Keesha
Director of Photographer: Dï Thomas
Co-Director: Tamika Shannon
Sound: Coley on Sound
Editor: Kristy "Shooter" Jenkins
Makeup: Chanel Sius
Locations: Taye & Candice Snow, Denise Mccalpine

Another M.PoWeR Production

#lesbianmovies #blacklesbians #Churchhurt
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