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sTelth is a coming of age film about a young woman who is running from herself. The film depicts a fictitious story about a 20 something Erin whose beauty will captivate the audience. Erin uses her "looks" as a tool to get herself out of sticky situations, but some how she always lands into a sticky situation. The story includes her lovers, her secrets, her mysterious ways and her fear. stealth was made to showcase people of color in the LGBTQ community and this film has every letter from the acronym. This film was also made to emphasize the importance of being honest to ourselves, our partners, and our families. It encourages us to not be afraid and to be who we (you) truly are.

Writer: Mina

Producer: Angella Mao

Cinematography: Mina

Edited By: Mina

Erin @brooktheactress
Kaila @kb_kaviar
Chaz @smilengrace
Lauren @theactressdjkennedy
Jose @always.focus
Moe @sheeniebean87
Sketch @lemon_beast2.0
"D" @padrinosuave
Freshie "Kendrick" @reallifeofkia
CJ @iamroycehall
Slim @i.am_slim

Alone Together- Daley Cover
Encouragement- Vanessa Pittman
Good Man
One Shot- Bells Roar
Get It- Veronica Lynn
Secret Conversations- YouTube
Caution- Freshie
Everything Gorgeous - Visto
Happy Feelins- Ill Will
I Still Want You- Everet Almond
Push Me- Twin Musicom
You and I- Ren Harriston
Don't Walk Away- Freshie
Dubstep Light- Audionautix
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