The LEZ Factor Season 5: Why are lesbians so EXTRA?

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I've seen some new subscribers and YES to our followers on IG, these women are more than pretty pictures on our IG feed! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Join us as we discuss some of the questions posed by our viewers. We're talking about some over the top gay gay behavior. Don't ask me what that is, we were all figuring it out.

If you can define what you think being "extra gay" is, the best answer in the comments below will get a Lez Factor merchandise gift from me! ~Eryn

Music Aina Brei'yon "Think About Me"

Aina Brei'yon @ainabreiyon
Bianca Wilson @_biancaariel
Karori Nik @kaorinikstudios @afroveganbeauty
Mello @riotallday @reason4riot
Tesha Ofelia @closetjunkye
Uzo Amaka @nijashero

Hosted by: Eryn Mitchell @eryn_worldwide
Shot by Frances Deloach @goosedownprod
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